12 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Ah summer. With your long days, warm nights, endless festivities and deliciously sweet mangoes how could we ever dislike you? Well ok, sometimes you’re a little too hot for our liking – like when we find ourselves awake and sweating at 3am – but in all of our infinite wisdom we’ve come up with 12 foolproof ways to stay cool. Let’s begin.

1. Eat all of the ice-cream.

2. Adorn yourself with packets of frozen peas (we hear green is the new black).

3. Enjoy a glass of frosé or a fruity cocktail – you’ll be cool and trendy.

4. Find water. Preferably the ocean or a pool but, if you’re really stuck, bathtubs and sprinklers also do the trick.

5. Befriend a fan. The bigger the better.

6. Instigate a movie marathon, craftily securing yourself eight hours of uninterrupted air-conditioning.

7. Drive up the closest mountain and enjoy the cooling air of higher altitudes.

8. Relive your childhood and create a slip n slide, once again marvelling at how much joy an old tarp, a squirt of detergent and a garden hose can bring.

9. Book a McDonald’s party and hope being shut in the industrial sized freezer is still part of the deal.

10. Embrace humidity hair. Fighting it will only make you angry and, given the heat, your face is probably already red enough.

11. Loiter around the frozen food section of your local supermarket, feigning indecision every time you open one of the frosty glass doors.

12. Join a nudist colony and lose the layer of material between you and the sweet free-flowing air. As an added bonus, you’ll never have to worry about sweat patches again.

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