5 Must-Have Travel Apps5 Must-Have Travel Apps

5 Must-Have Travel Apps For Your Next Trip

Use technology to your advantage next time you go away by enlisting the help of these 5 excellent apps. All of them are free and most have the ability to work offline, saving you the nasty surprise of a bigger than normal phone bill when you get home.

1. Google Trips

Possibly the most comprehensive travel app on the market, Google Trips helps your plan, organise and document your trip in just minutes. It pulls all your booking information together from your Gmail account, creating a complete itinerary in seconds. This allows you to leave all your print-outs and confirmations at home and see everything laid out in chronological order. It then uses this information to provide you with local tips and suggested, customisable half or full-day itineraries (including what to see, where to eat and how to get around) every time you arrive at a new destination. Best of all, everything is available offline, meaning you don’t need to find WiFi to access tips and information.

2. PackPoint

If you’re forever making packing lists or have a track record of leaving items behind, this app will be your new best friend. It generates a list (which you can later customise if necessary) of things to pack based on your destination, length of travel, the weather forecast and any special activities you have planned. It includes everything from clothing to toiletries and electronics and lets you share your list with others, something which can be handy if you’re travelling in a group.

3. Flight Stats

You’ll never miss a flight again with this little app in your pocket. Flight Stats provides real time data on flight status, airport delays and weather conditions, meaning you’ll have to-the-minute information on your departure. It’s also a great app to use if you’re meeting someone on an arriving flight: you can literally track their flight path and arrival time right through to landing.

4. City Mapper

This is your key to mastering public transport in any of the world’s major cities, including Sydney and Melbourne. It gives you route options, ETAs, live updates on delays and closures and is super intuitive to use. If you’re overseas and facing expensive roaming charges, you can save maps and routes offline to access them data-free when you’re out and about.

5. Netflix

While this one isn’t strictly a travel app, it’s ideal for long journeys and relaxed nights on the road. As long as you’re a Netflix subscriber (and if you’re not, you can sign up for a free one-month trial), it allows you watch movies, episodes and stand-alone documentaries wherever you are; perfect for trips on budget airlines where in-flight entertainment isn’t included or as pre-bedtime viewing in your hotel room. Just make sure you download whatever you want to watch while you’re connected to WiFi to avoid any excess data charges.

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