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Bucket List Foodie Getaways Around Australia

Sometimes the best part of a holiday is the eating. Maybe it’s because of the wonderful new venues you get to discover or all the time you have to enjoy them. The unspoken rule that diets don’t exist when you’re in a different postcode could also be a contributing factor. Whatever the reason, we fully support food-focused getaways – so much so that we’ve compiled a list of the best places in Australia to get your fill.

1. Melbourne

Of course Melbourne topped the list. How could it not, given it houses almost all the country’s top restaurants, has bragging rights over the most expertly brewed coffee and does authentic Italian to a tee. Try Attica, Higher Ground and Café di Stasiorespectively for shining examples of these foodie qualities.

2. Bondi

Before we took our first bite of hipster food, we never realised healthy could taste so good. Sydney’s beautiful beachside ‘burb has perfected body-conscious gastronomy, serving up everything from the delicious Green Pea Pancakes at Porch and Parlourto the drool-worthy selection of vegan cakes at Earth to Table. If you want to intersperse your healthy hipster delights with more sinful options, make sure you grab a scoop of Messina’s famous ice-cream in all its creamy glory.

3. Yarra Valley

The scenery may be stunning but the food (and the wine) are better. Given the rolling green hills and rich farmland, it’s no surprise the winning formula here is based on quality local produce. Try Yarra Valley Dairy where you can sample seriously amazing farm-fresh cheeses alongside wines from 30 boutique producers, El Kanah Marysville for immensely satisfying home cooked meals, and – for something different – send yourself to Buxton Trout and Salmon Farm where you can catch your meal and have it cooked up (alongside crispy, salty chips) at the local pub. It doesn’t get much more farm-to-table than that.

4. Adelaide and surrounds

This is another must-visit for those foodies who love fresh local produce and the farm-to-table ethos. Lovers of food and wine should put Adelaide at the top of their list, thanks to the fact the city is quite literally surrounded by some of Australia’s best wine regions, including the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale. While many cellar doors offer incredible midday meals alongside their wines (Penfolds Magill Estate, we’re looking at you), exceptional food can be found right across the city, from the fine dining at Georges on Waymouth to the bustling stalls of Central Market. Put simply, all you need to do is follow your nose.

5. Brisbane

This might be a surprise inclusion for many of you, especially if you haven’t been to Queensland’s capital in the last five years. While there have always been a few gems around, like Gambaro Seafood Restaurant in Petrie Terrace, Brisbane’s restaurant scene has recently exploded to include multiple foodie precincts in all corners of the city. West End has all sorts of cuisines done exceptionally well, from Asian fusion at Chu the Phat to authentic Greek at Lefkas Taverna; South Bank has nailed fine-dining on the head with offerings like Stokehouse; and Fortitude Valley has cornered the market for foodie venues with a twist, home to ultimate food, drink and grocery store hybrid Heya Bar and ice-cream sandwich haven Mister Fitz.

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