How to Catch an Early Flight 101

Early morning flights always seem like a good idea until the night before, when you find yourself setting your alarm for 4am and then not sleeping a wink as your brain waits, ninja-like, for it to go off. Good work brain, good work. If you want to escape this sleepless fate next time you fly, you’ve come to the right place. Behold our *foolproof* guide to catching early flights while maximising those all-important z’s.

Step 1: Stay at an airport hotel

This way it doesn’t matter if the traffic’s bad, the train’s running late or your Uber driver never turns up: you can essentially log roll your way to check-in. We hear Travelodge Hobart Airport’s a cracker of a place to stay and Travelodge Sydney Airport (opening in September, just 500 metres from the terminal) is going to be a thing of glory.   

Step 2: Set various alarms or use the power of bacon

Are you a serial snoozer? Or is your superpower the ability to turn your alarm off in your sleep? Either way, you should seriously consider hiding your phone and/or alarm clock around your room the night before so you have to leave the cosy nest of your bed to turn them off. But our favourite option is the ingenious bacon alarm clock's that are on offer at Travelodge Sydney Airport (details here!). Smell emitting alarm clocks have been scientifically proven to be very effective in getting people up and out the door, and what better to wake up to than the smell of bacon? You'll never go back to a regular alarm clock again.

Step 3: Pack the night before

Here’s a rule we like to live by when we travel: if we don’t need it in the morning it should be packed snugly in our bag when we go to bed. Sure, we sound pedantic and slightly annoying but we’re also better rested in the morning, thanks to 15 minutes of extra sleep and a brain that isn’t forming a packing list overnight. Excuse us while we bask smugly in our own genius.

Step 4: Shower the night before

Every minute is precious in the land of nod and this little trick will help you secure a good deal more of them. Not only will you save time by reducing your morning to-do list; if you have a warm shower about 90 minutes before bedtime the night before, you’ll increase your chances of sleeping well. Seriously, it’s science.

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