The most cheat-worthy meals in Melbourne

“Cheat day is the best day,” said everyone who’s ever been on a diet. Given we’re firmly in this group, we know only too well the pressure that comes with choosing your cheat day eats, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best guilty pleasures around Melbourne. You’re welcome.

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Craving carby, meaty goodness? Burger Love has you sorted, with a mouth-watering selection of burgers almost too tall to eat. Brisket, maple bacon, and southern fried chicken feature heavily on the menu and go perfectly with a side of loaded fries. If you’re in the mood to embrace cheat day in epic proportions, why not finish off with the aptly named Heartstarter – a Nutella doughnut wrapped in bacon and deep fried? You can eat healthily again tomorrow.

“CHEESE! WE WANT CHEESE!” you yell hungrily, drooling at the thought of the creamy, salty goodness in all its shapes and forms. Well then, you best head to Maker and Monger at Prahran Market. This self-labelled raclette and grilled cheese bar serves up everything you could ever wish for, from gooey melty Swiss on a bed of roasted potatoes to the trademark Flaming Rueben made with Cape Grim brisket. Oh holy cheeses, all our Christmases have come at once. Deep fried Camembert anyone?


For more savoury goodness, head to Belle’s Hot Chicken where the chook is deep fried, crispy skinned and succulent. Choose your cut, choose your heat (anywhere from ‘Southern’ to ‘Really F**king Hot’), choose one of the delicious sides and consider cheat day sorted.

With our top three savoury picks now out of the way it’s time to head into dessert territory and there’s no better place to start that Agathé Patisserie. This glorious creation has called the South Melbourne Market home for three years now, serving up delicious French delicacies with a twist. Bicolour croissants abound, swirling flavours like pistachio, poppy and matcha into their buttery layers, alongside perfect lemon-meringue tarts, all sorts of chocolate creations, and salted caramel cruffins which ooze goodness from the first bite. Good luck choosing.

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Because every cheat day should be different, we thought we’d include our favourite Melbourne drink: the hot chocolate at Hash Speciality Coffee and Roasters. These guys have taken this delicious beverage to the next level and the Insta-worthy treat comes as a little beaker of pure melted chocolate next to a towering cup of cloud-like fairy floss. Mix them together and prepare for the thickest, most decadent hot chocolate you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

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Finally, how does ice-cream in a cone made of doughnuts sound? Well it tastes even better. Make tracks to Adriano Zumbo’s Little Frankie’s in South Yarra and order one filled with salted caramel and vanilla soft serve and topped with pop rock chocolate chards and teeny tiny star shaped pretzels. Your inner child will be so happy. Your personal trainer maybe not so much but hey, what happens in Melbourne stays in Melbourne.

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