The Best Coffee Trends To Try

There’s lots to look forward to with the arrival of the cooler months. We can wave goodbye to overactive sweat glands, look forward to warm, hearty stews and enjoy cosy sleeps under fluffy doonas. We can also appreciate hot drinks that little bit more, enjoying not only the taste but the way they warm our insides with every sip. In the spirit of expanding our horizons we thought we’d investigate warm concoctions more creative than standard lattes, scouring the streets of Sydney and Melbourne to bring you a list of some of the best cups of cutting-edge warmth and where to find them.

Red Velvet Lattes at The Local MBassy, Ultimo

They’re hot, red, creamy, delicious and the closest thing you’ll get to a liquid cupcake. This little Sydney café is famous for its red velvet lattes, which they say take 30 minutes to lovingly prepare. We’ve had one (ok, maybe four) and we can guarantee they’re worth the wait.

Apple Pie Lattes at Matcha Mylkbar, St Kilda

The colourful creations at this St Kilda local have been filling Instagram feeds since the café’s opening last year. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend the mushroom lattes (although we hear they’re good for you), we’re all for the apple pie creations. They smell like grandma’s best baking and have the added benefit of caffeine: talk about a match made in heaven. As an aside, Sydney dwellers will be pleased to know the café is setting up its second outpost in Surry Hills later this year.

Tumeric Ginger Lattes at Street Organics, Malvern

Tumeric lattes have been on the menu in Indianwi cultures for centuries, which makes us wonder why Australia is only just catching up. These golden coloured gems are like a spicier version of chai and come with a slew of health benefits thanks to anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting nutrients. If you hadn’t guessed from the first few dessert-inspired items on this list, we’re only including things that taste amazing so don’t let the wellness enhancing qualities of these put you off: they’re utterly delicious.

Peanut Butter Lattes at Serotonin, Burnley  

True to its name, everything at this Melbourne eatery is happiness inducing – especially the peanut butter lattes. Even the menu notes them as a winning option and after one sip of the creamy, nutty goodness you’ll see why. They’re as satisfying as a big spoon of peanut butter straight from the tub and have numerous health benefits. In fact, the high protein and fibre content make them an excellent refuelling option when you’re on the go.

Beetroot Lattes at Harry’s, Bondi

These look just as good as they taste: pink, frothy and subtly sweet. The earthy beetroot flavour is also a drawcard, perfect for chilly days when you want your antioxidants in hot drink form. While you can get these pink creations at lots of places around town, Harry’s house-made almond and macadamia milk take them to the next level and the street cred of this place will have you feeling like a true Bondi hipster from your first sip.

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