Escape the Chill with these Fresh Indoor Activities

Winter is coming. No, we’re not referring to the next instalment of Game of Thrones (which, coincidentally, is also coming soon), but the season. You know, the one where getting out of bed in the morning becomes significantly harder, 90% of your skin doesn’t see the sun for months on end and you start wondering whether it would really be so bad if you wore your Snuggie to work. To help you combat the winter chill, here’s a list of awesome indoor activities that you probably haven’t tried before, because we know you can come up with bowling or the movies on your own.

Escape Rooms

Bursting with puzzles much more exciting than the ones you do with grandma, escape rooms are one of your best bets for escaping a chilly day. There’s a great selection to choose from in each capital city, each room offering a different theme and challenges for you and your team mates to overcome. You might find yourself inside someone’s memory, stuck inside a prison cell, or newly employed as Sherlock Holmes’ eagle-eyed assistant.

Paint and Sip

Cork & Chroma has successfully combined two of our favourite things: creativity and wine. Take a friend, BYO favourite bottle and settle in for a hands-on class on mastering the art of painting. At the end of the session you get to take your creation home to admire and – depending on your skill level – hang in your lounge.

Indoor Skydiving

Yep, you read that right. The geniuses behind iFly have made it possible for you to experience skydiving without the off-putting step of having to jump out of a plane. Suit up, step inside a giant glass tunnel and – under the helpful guidance of a qualified instructor – experience the joy of flying.

Axe Throwing

Novel, competitive and strangely addictive, a session at Maniax will leave you feeling pumped and primal. Wear your best lumberjack-inspired flanny, some closed in shoes and get ready to sharpen your aim.

Cooking Classes

Cold winter days are made for feasting. While you could just cut out the hard work and book a table at a restaurant, there’s something truly satisfying about eating a fancy dish you’ve created from scratch (or at least tried to). Almost every cooking class on offer involves enjoying the fruits of your labour alongside a glass or two of vino; something which we can all agree only adds to the appeal.

Beer Appreciation

The craft beer scene is alive and well with glorious little breweries popping up right across the country. Try a range of different brews, chat about the process with the producer and – depending on the brewery – inspect the fermentation process, enjoy a meal from a food truck or kick back to live music. Check out our guide to successful Beercations here.

Dance in the Dark

If you’ve never tried No Lights No Lycra, now is the time. Sessions take place in darkened halls around the country where epic playlists and the inability to see anyone else in the room create the perfect conditions for busting out your best moves, 100% judgement free. As an added bonus it’s highly likely you’ll work up a sweat, even in the depths of winter.


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