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Former Ballerina Brooke Lockett Talks Tutus & Travel Tips

Meet Brooke Lockett, former lead ballet dancer with The Australian Ballet as she tells us what life's really like living as a ballerina and her top tips for travelling!

Can you sum yourself up in 5 words?

Bubbly, hard working, loyal, passionate & a go getter.


What do you love most about living and working in Melbourne?

Melbourne has been my home for 15 years. I love it's softness and beauty. You can find a hidden gem in Melbourne down any laneway. It's hard to keep up with the latest bars, cafes and restaurants. I love Melbourne in Autumn... it's spectacular. Chilly yet visually breathtaking.


Favourite spot for breakfast in Melbourne?

This is so hard... there are so many favourites. I would probably take them to something a little unknown like my daily local in Prahran, 'Little Hawk'. The food and service is amazing. Or for something a little more well known... Journey Man or Kettle Black. Moby in Armadale is also a favourite!


How does Melbourne compare to places you’ve been around the world?

I think being home it's where I feel most relaxed. It's a really easy city to get around and there is always so much to do. What we do best though is sit in wine bars and cafes and relax with great company and enjoy REALLY good coffee, food and wine. I love Melbourne for that.


What does an average day of a principal ballet dancer look like?

I have just recently retired from ballet but an average day always started with a ballet class followed by a full day of rigorous training and rehearsals then a 7:30pm show. The Australian Ballet does close to 200 shows a year and travels for 6 months of the year (both interstate and internationally) so as incredibly extraordinary as it was I'm a little tired after 12 years in the industry haha. I finished on a really happy note and dancing at my peak so I feel eternally grateful for that. Not everyone get's that gift. I feel so grateful for every opportunity I had and I owe the woman I am today to ballet.

L O C K E T T // I still remember getting my first pair & the excitement of my first class 'en pointe'. It was the most bizarre feeling & ended up being where I spent most of my days. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up in a custom shoe. We went through 32 trials but I spent the most part of my career in lucky number 18!! Thank you @blochau for not only keeping me on my toes but for making my little girl dreams come true. Can't believe I'm prepping this awesome batch for my final season... 🙊😬☺️🙏🏻 I've always found preparing my shoes quite therapeutic so I think I'll miss it. But on the upside my manicures will look so BEAUTIFUL 💅🏼 xx BL . . . . . #blochau #enpointe #pointeshoe #ballerina #kicks #farewell #thankyou #brookeXbloch #grateful #ballet #whatiwore #artoftheday #instadaily #onpoint #mystory #tiptoes #pink #shoe #style #blisters

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What has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far?

Once upon a time I would have said performing in Paris, London, Tokyo and New York and having my parents in the audience or granting a wish for a little girl who had Neuroblastoma or dancing a lead role. But what really hit me in my retirement was the power we have in this art form to move people. I was so overwhelmed by the outpour of love. I even got letters from the ushers of the Sydney Opera House and State Theatre saying how much they had enjoyed my career. You go along hoping you have moved a person here or there and sometimes you question if your hard work is noticed or if you are heading in the right direction and then I finished and I was privy to just how impactful my career had been on some people. That's more than any role or accolade would have ever meant to me.  That was the highlight all of it wrapped up in a beautiful bow.

Sometimes the universe gives you a gift greater than you ever could have dreamed of. A milestone moment. Last night I felt a love unlike anything before. Onstage, in the audience, in the wings & friends from afar calling in... I never knew how I would be on my final show but the feeling inside was euphoric. To @davidmcallisterausballet & my @ausballet family THANK YOU. Not just for last night but for more than a decade of memories & moments. I'll carry you in my heart forever. All I ever wanted was to finish proud of my work & career & that I most certainly did. The bonus was the outpouring of love & being surrounded by some of my best friends on stage last night. The universe is ever changing but you are one with it. #golden #light #bestillmyheart #jotd #ballerina #sleepingbeauty #myfarewell

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Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I feel very fortunate to have been given some amazing advice along the way but what has resonated with me most is to keep my eye on the big picture & not get caught up in the nitty gritty. I pride myself on surrounding myself with pretty special people. You know, the light bringers, the ones that lift you higher & want to see you win.


How do you stay healthy when you travel? Any tips?

I try to keep to my routine and listen to what my body needs. My stomach get's a little bloated and upset when flying so I always have some ginger. A good playlist is key and hydration! I love travelling so I'm always excited on the road but the pressure of performing at your best often takes priority.


Number 1 tip for a restful flight?

Get a good night sleep the night before, hydrate and do a big gym work out before getting on the plane. I've tried everything from turning your clock the moment you get on but to be honest I just think sleep as much as you can. Get up and move around the aircraft when you are awake, wear compression tights and have a lovely face mist and eye mask on hand. I tend to just love the fact that it's total time out time.


What’s one thing you do on holidays that you wouldn’t normally do?

I indulge a little more. Drink a little more wine, eat a little more cheese and I don't feel guilty for just lazing by the pool or fireplace. I'm not great at doing absolutely nothing for huge amounts of time but if I'm near a beach I'm in heaven. I also love a good hike or some adventure in my holidays.


3 things you must bring with you on your travels? (excluding your phone and wallet of course!)

  1. Hydralite
  2. Bobbi Brown Remedies Oil
  3. Headphones


What do you love most about travelling and where has been your favourite place to visit?

I love exploring other cultures and places. There is just so much to see. Best holiday of my life was travelling through Italy. Amalfi Coast to this day is the most spectacular thing my eyes have ever seen. I'm a sucker for a stunning sunset.


What’s next for you? 

I'm entering the Sydney Property Market as a fully qualified Realtor with Paton Jamieson Prestige Property and I'm also working on a little side business to do with the fantasy of ballet for the little dreamers and a little something for the adults and how to stay in shape with ballet. I want to combine the ever growing tech savvy world we live in with my love for a timeless art form.  It's really important to me to give back and to continue to collaborate as an artist and an influencer.


Where can we find you?

Instagram @brookelockett

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