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Meet Beer Loving Lady Ginger Taylor

We caught up with Sydney based sign writer Ginger Taylor to talk all things beer!

So, we hear you like beer. In a world of so many beverage options, what is it about beer that keeps you going back for more?

It’s refreshing, easy to drink and there are so many different options!

Selfies with ya dog aye 🍺

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Beer has - very stereotypically - garnered itself a reputation as a man's drink. Being the beer loving lady that you are, have you copped any flak over the years for ordering ales over pinot grigios?

I wouldn’t say I cope a lot of flak, I do however get “I love a girl who drinks beer” as a pick up line a lot, which I don’t really understand or care for...


Do you feel that the drinking culture is now more inclusive of women?

I still think it has a long way to go (along with feminism in general) but people like Young Henrys and Local Breweries being the legends they are really helps.


What do you think about beers labelled as ‘girly beers’? 

Any beer is a girls beer, just like any beer is a mans beer, it should be about equality and not labelling drinks to genders


What's your brew of choice?

I love the new Dunies beer that YH have made with the Dune Rats, it’s just so goooood. Creamy, light, delicious.


What meal best accompanies a glass of (above answer)?

Chicken Schnitty, chips, salad and mushroom gravy (mmmmmm).


And what about your ideal beer situation?

I like getting a couple of long necks and sitting in the park, because you know, dogs.


You're the artist behind the awesome 'Beer is a Girl's Drink' mural at Young Henrys in Newtown. How'd the idea for the piece come about and how did you feel about creating it?

Honestly I didn't know what I was going to paint until I got there! The tag line “Beer is a girls drink” has been a hit! I think that’s because it’s about time girls got some recognition and not categorised into the 'vodka soda' stereotype.


Are there any other beer-related artworks on the horizon? We'd love to see you design the label for the next big craft beer         

I have a few sneaky things coming up (some apparel on the way, stay tuned!). Young Henrys and I are always collaborating on new stuff, they’re really supportive of local artists so we always have something in the works! But I would love to design a craft beer logo, hit me up y’all!


What are your recommendations for starter beers for people who don’t like beer?

Honestly, I just love a good VB.

The most beautiful Christmas tree we've ever seen 🎄

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Why do you think micro-breweries have been so popular recently?

I think 2016 - 2017 have been especially good for local business’ of all sorts, including breweries. I know that my friends and I will always support local business rather than big corporations, mainly because all the owners are our mates, so we understand how important it is to support the little guy!


If you want more of Ginger Taylor, check her out here: Instagram


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