Not Quite Nigella's Travel Tips!

xl_lorraine_elliott_nqnWe sat down with Lorraine Elliott and picked her brain for travel tips and what it's like to be a food blogger! lorraine travels the world looking high and low for the best food and travel experiences sharing them on Not Quite Nigella.

  1. Can you share two or three ‘travel secrets’ with us?

I change into pyjamas on a long haul flight. That way I'm not wearing the same clothes when I get off the plane and I feel better.

I switch all times over to the destination time as soon as I board. Looking back is a big mistake.

When I arrive at the destination I buy a SIM card or get a local internet connection at the airport. Places at the airport are more used to dealing with this sort of thing and can have you connected within 5 minutes.

If I arrive at a destination during the day I will go for a walk and then try to get into the time zone as soon as possible. The sunlight and daylight cues help enormously. I stay up until 10pm and then go to sleep. I try and avoid napping whenever possible. But on the plane I try to sleep as much as I can.


  1. How do you unwind / stay sane when you’re travelling so much?

I need time to myself. It is usually a couple of hours in the afternoon. When you blog you're getting an enormous amount of information at one time and you need time to process this information and shape it into a story. I put on my headphones and listen to my favourite music.


  1. What is your first memory of travel and why is it so memorable?

It was a pretty funny memory in retrospect. We were in Taiwan and our bus had just spent hours climbing up a mountain in a circular motion. We arrived at the top for a meal and I was feeling nauseous. I tried to tell my mother that I wasn't feeling well but she didn't seem to hear me so I threw up all over the dinner table in front of everyone.


4.  How can you be a food blogger and so goddamn tiny? Share the secret!

Haha I'm not! It's all angles really. Thank god for selfies and being able to control what angle you're shot from. I try and take three bites max of something when I travel.


5.  Are there any foods you have to take with you / can’t live without when you travel?

I never really take food along with me but I always have water with me when I travel. I also take lozenges because planes, hotels and cars can be really drying and the first ailment I tend to catch is a cough.


6.  Are there any foods that make that customs queue worthwhile? The things you just have to bring back home with you.

Anything that is delicious but legal is worth taking back. I love edible souvenirs! I've even brought a dried snake penis back from Hong Kong-it would have been rude to refuse it. I'm not sure where it is, I think I may have lost it. It looks like a long matchstick (in case you're interested).


7.  What would you do with a spare five hours in an airport?

Hmmm I would probably buy lounge access and then I'd hook up to their wifi and do some work, watch Netflix, have a shower, have a nap and something to eat or drink and then my five hours would be up.

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