Introducing Travelodge Bacon Scented Alarm Clocks

The salty scent of bacon wafts into Tom’s dreams, gently waking him from his slumber. It’s both kinder and more persistent than his alarm clock, which usually squawks gratingly every nine minutes in response to his habitual pressing of the snooze button. Tom briefly wonders if he’s having a very vivid sensory dream before remembering he’s spent the night at Travelodge Hotel Sydney Airport, home to Australia’s first whiff and wake service.


Here at Travelodge we know how hard it can be to get out of bed in the morning and how risky the snooze button is when you have a flight to catch. Rather than relying on wake up calls and annoying alarm tones like most normal folk, we’ve partnered with the clever kids at Sensorwake to create an out of the box solution to getting you up on time.

And yes, it smells like bacon.

Olfactory (i.e. smell emitting) alarm clocks have proven very effective in getting people out of bed. The stimulating smell wakes users gradually over two minutes, simultaneously tapping into the happy place where the scent is stored in our brains. Our special bacon scent might evoke memories of significant others lovingly cooking you breakfast in bed, a lazy Sunday brunch with friends or all those times bacon has miraculously cured your hangover. Whatever the case, the old adage of getting up on the right side of bed has never been more apt.

All guests have to do is program the clock with the time they want to wake up: it does the rest, sending wafts of bacony goodness over your sleeping nostrils until you spring up out of bed, alert and (most likely) hungry.

We think it’s the perfect solution for waking up to catch an early flight. It takes the stress out of being on time, helps you start the day in a good mood, and will make all your carnivorous friends exceptionally jealous.

Book a room now to secure the hotel’s opening special, which includes a cooked breakfast for all those alarm-induced cravings.


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