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How to Make Your Next Christmas Event Memorable

We’ve all been there. To a Christmas function that, for whatever reason, was just a little lacklustre. Stop your next event from falling in to the same category with these useful tips.


Pick the right venue

Venues have a huge influence on the overall success of the event. An enormous venue, no matter how impressive, will always feel sad if you don’t have the people to fill it and on the other side of the coin, no-one appreciates the lack of personal space that comes with overcrowding. In addition to size, consider the tone you want to set. If you’re aiming for classic elegance, somewhere like the historic Rendezvous Melbourne is a great option and if you’re after modern glamour, try the rooftop at Vibe Hotel Rushcutters Bay or if you want to really wow your guests, try Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport.


Recruit the right team

A lot of events fall down in the planning process, which is why event management is best left to the experienced. Most venues now offer their own team as part of the deal, meaning all the finer details, set-up, service and clean-up is taken care of. The added bonus of using a venue’s own event management staff is that they know the space inside out.


Provide a feast

If you’re including food and beverages as part of the package, make sure they’re good, plentiful and available on time. A delay in the canapes can be dangerous and a ratio of one party pie per person can be thoroughly disappointing. As a general rule, venues with a restaurant on site will provide better food and be more experienced in catering for a crowd. Whatever you’re providing, make sure it’s made clear to your guests so there’s no confusion about who’s paying for the champagne after 8pm.


Make it fun

Don’t forget about the little details that can lift an event from mediocre to truly memorable. It can be something simple, like a competition (best Christmas jumper is always a good one during the festive season) or you can go all out and have live entertainment to boost the mood. If you need help working out the best way forward, event hosts at Vibe Hotels are never short on ideas and can arrange everything from giant photo props to all-in sporting adventures.

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