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Op Shops & Deconstructed Coffee: A Melbourne Hipster How To

Have you ever wished you could pull off drinking a deconstructed coffee while wearing an ironic op-shop shirt and discussing the virtues of knitted iPad covers? Then look no further, you quirky little human, for we’re about to present you with the ultimate Melbourne hipster starter pack. Get yourself to Victoria’s capital and let these next few paragraphs take care of the rest.

Before you can act like a hipster you need to think like one. The first – and most important – thought to cultivate is that you are an original individual. Forget the obvious similarities between you and your soon to be found hipster friends: you liked, bought and consumed certain things way before they were cool. You’re concerned about the origins of everything you buy (and will happily pay more for anything free-trade or organic), are offended by large corporations (even if you work for one) and live for ironic accessories. Is it a warm day? Wear a beanie. Have 20/20 vision? Don some thick-rimmed glasses. If you need help cementing these thought patterns why not take part in some mindful meditation at Humming Puppy or Happy Melon. Both studios offer a hipster-approved blend of movement and mindfulness, guaranteed to have you feeling Zen in no time.

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You might be feeling a tad hungry after your mind-body workout so now is the perfect time to indulge in organic wholefoods. Don’t worry if you’re new to this way of eating – these healthy dishes are usually way more delicious than they sound. Industry Beans in the trendy ‘burb of Fitzroy is a favourite hang-out for your fellow hipster friends and serves up delicious delicacies such as the rosewater compressed watermelon and kale kimchi bowl. Other foolproof options include the rainbow latte (yes, it’s multi-coloured) paired with the sweet potato cumin rosti at Too Many Chiefs and the flapjack with lemon mascarpone, freeze-dried fruit and rhubarb syrup at Rudimentary, a Footscray fave that operates out of converted shipping containers. Finally, the deconstructed coffee mentioned in the opening paragraph can be found at a little spot called Weylandts, where you can also browse a rather large selection of interior décor from South Africa and a small collection of clothes from Portugal.

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Speaking of clothes, now is the perfect time to make the most of Melbourne’s wonderfully eccentric shopping scene to secure yourself some new wearables. Your first stop should be Shag, which has stores in Windsor, Fitzroy and the CBD. These guys bill themselves as ‘hunters and dealers of wearable treasures’ and if you join the rest of Melbourne’s fashion forward thinkers as they pore through the shops’ nooks and crannies, you’re likely to find everything from a pair of lairy geometric kicks to a briefcase with a working clock on the front. Individual and ironic? You betcha! After you’re done here, move on to Vegan Wares, your one-stop-shop for sustainable footwear and accessories, and Circa for a glorious selection of vintage clothes curated by the fabulous pink-haired Nicole Jenkins. To complete your look, pop into The Bearded Man for a beard trim or moustache restyle, remembering to order a delicious coffee and bust out in a devil-may-care fashion to the instore DJ.


You’re thinking and looking the part by now and we’re proud as punch. The next step in your conversion is to embrace some new hobbies. Wave goodbye to anything sporty or mainstream and spend the afternoon Instagramming Melbourne’s awesome laneway art, pawing through the record stores along Brunswick Street or penning a love letter to your favourite of the city’s 70,000 trees. You should probably also consider going to a squishy live music venue like Northcote Social Club and The Worker’s Club in Fitzroy, which both provide the perfect excuse to sport any of the day’s new fashion purchases.


Finally, end your day with a craft beer or crazy cocktail at Naked for Satan (which is a lot more chilled than the name may suggest), grungy container bar Section 8 in Tattersalls Lane, or a spot of Absinthe at Le Bon Ton in Collingwood. Just remember to throw out some chat about knitted iPad covers and your dream of hipsterdom will be complete.

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