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The Minions’ Favourite Things to Do in Sydney

They’re yellow, cheeky, love a good overall and know how to rock a pair of goggles better than anyone else on Earth. We caught up with the minions ahead of their next big screen appearance in Despicable Me 3 to find out what they love about Sydney, including their favourite haunts and top activities.

Taking in the view at Circular Quay

The minions agreed that this is the best vantage point in town. Turn one way and you have a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, turn the other and you’re looking right at the Sydney Opera House. A trip on one of the Sydney ferries is also a great way to take in Sydney’s biggest architectural icons, as is a picnic on the lawn in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. They recommend the delicious Four Frogs French crepes and decadent Messina ice-cream from nearby Gateway as top notch picnic fare.


Perusing the exhibitions at the Maritime Museum

Whether this made the favourite list because of the phrase ‘bottom of the ocean’ or because of the quality of the exhibitions is unclear, but the minions became very animated when talking about this Sydney venue. If you visit this winter, you can learn about the race to the South Pole, see an incredible collection of pearls, relive the escape from Pompeii and lay eyes on the original Harthog Plate.


Feasting at the Bondi Farmers markets

These markets take place every Saturday out in the beachside ‘burb of Bondi, bringing together beautiful fresh produce and ready-made meals from around the state. The minions’ favourite stalls were any that sold bananas, but we have it on good authority the buns at Mr Bao and the pastries at Miss Lilly’s Kitchen are worth checking out too. Enjoy your purchases on the sunny lawn while live music plays in the background. If you feel like walking off your meal afterwards, the beach is just across the road.


Going to the movies

What can we say? They like seeing themselves on the big screen. Check them out in Despicable Me 3 by entering our competition below!


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