Why you need some hygge in your life

Chances are you fall into one of two camps: those who have heard the term hygge and love everything it stands for or those who are scratching their heads, wondering how to pronounce this funny looking word and what on earth it could possibly mean.

Camp two-ers, allow us to help you out. Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-guh’) is a Danish word that roughly translates to cosiness or, more specifically, the practice of finding it in everyday life. As such, hygge can refer to the warm glow of candlelight, curling up with a good book or spending time with friends and family – essentially any activity that allows you to find pleasure in gentle, soothing things. Delicious, isn’t it?


While hygge is rampant in Denmark, the good news is you don’t have to be there to embrace it. It’s more about taking time to enjoy the kinds of activities we usually rush through, letting them wash over us like a warm hug. Sip your hot chocolate slowly, for example, or turn Tuesday night’s microwave dinner into a hearty stew, enjoying it alongside a glass of smooth red wine. Wear your hyggebusker (a.k.a. tracky dacks) more often or deck out your hyggekrog (cosy nook) with a new throw. Above all, remember that true hygge is about togetherness so quality time with friends and family is non-negotiable. Switch off your emails and host a dinner party, rug up and enjoy a long walk with your mum, arrange a movie night or book in a cosy weekend away.


On that note, if you’re looking for destinations that promote hygge, allow us to help you out. Canberra is perfectly suited for the practice with its chilly winter temps, abundance of cosy cafes and collection of great museums. Why not stay at Vibe Hotel Canberra Airport where you can spend your evenings enjoying relaxed drinks around the lobby’s beautiful central fireplace? Melbourne is also an exceptionally hygge-friendly option with charming theatres, an excellent line-up of winter events and hundreds of restaurants waiting to serve you and your friends a delicious meal. To end the night, soak up the charm of the meticulously restored Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne as you sink into one of the generous bar-side armchairs, fine whisky in hand.

Winter in Canberra 🔥🍷 Awesome pic @kel_for_short 💙

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After injecting regular bouts of hygge into your life, maybe you’ll start to understand why Danes are among the happiest people in the world...

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