Points Hacks from the Experts

These days, everyone is counting their frequent flyer points and making purchasing decisions that will give them the most return on their points. We’ve got the best tips on how to dramatically increase your points balance, allowing you to start planning your next holiday.

Take advantage of bonus points offers

Velocity and Qantas will often run bonus points offers, such as earning triple Velocity Frequent Flyer Points with TFE Hotels. Keep in the know by subscribing to TFE Hotels’ eClub and we'll let you know when there is a bonus points offer running.

Use the right credit card for particular purchases

Different credit cards will reward you with points for particular purchases, not to mention the bonus points you’ll get for initially signing up! The American Express Platinum Charge offer, for example, will give you bonus points at select restaurants. If you tend to eat out a lot, make sure you have a credit card that will earn you points for doing just that.

Redeem your points wisely

Don’t use your points to secure physical items such as toasters and kettles. We know it can be tempting as you don’t need many points to redeem these offers, but you’re far better off saving your points and using them on flights as they have a much higher value.

Buy points

Be aware that this is not a long term approach. Only buy points when you plan to book flights in the near future. Make sure you do a lot of research on the cost of points and the process to purchase them. This option isn’t as simple as booking a flight, but it will help you to save a significant amount of cash when flying Business or First Class.

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