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Top 10 Popcorn Facts

How good is popcorn? Salty, buttery, perfectly bite-sized and, from now on, gifted to you for free every time you check in to a Travelodge Hotel. Why? Because we think welcome gifts are always a good idea, especially the edible kind.

To celebrate this new arrangement, we thought we’d regale you with 10 fun facts about the popped grain, ensuring you’ll never be stuck for conversation starters on a slightly-awkward movie date again.

1. Popcorn is delicious and it’s high in fibre, very low in fat and – sans toppings – contains no salt or sugar.


2. Popcorn contains more iron than eggs, beef and spinach, leaving us confused as to why it hasn’t yet been granted superfood status.


3. The scientific name for popcorn is Zea Mays Everta, which from this point forwards will be our fancy-lady pen-name.


4. Kernels can propel themselves up to 3 feet when they pop, which is more than 100 times their own length.


5. Un-popped kernels are called ‘spinsters’ or ‘old maids’, which tbh seems somewhat derogatory.


6. The tasty treat has been served in movie theatres since 1912 -


7. and theatre owners do a little happy dance every time you buy some, thanks to the huge 90% profit margin on every bucket. Those sneaky little buggers…


8. Popcorn pops when the water caught inside the grain turns to steam and bursts through the shell into freedom.


9. An alternative explanation, offered by some ancient Native American tribes, was that a spirit lived inside each kernel and would become angry if their home was heated, jumping around until they burst out with a pop. Ooo, spooky.


10. History tells us popcorn isn’t just for eating; it’s for wearing. The Aztecs used to wear popcorn garlands on their heads and adorn themselves with popcorn jewellery for certain ceremonies. Edible party accessories? We think they were onto something.

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