7 of Sydney’s Best Bacon & Egg Rolls

Since when did almonds need to be activated, bread need to be sprouted, and berries need to be sourced via foraging? And why are we eating bee pollen? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Personally, we’re not convinced that our nightly fasts need to be broken quite so fancily and have started a movement to bring back the trusty bacon and egg roll. You feel us? We’ve done some rigorous research of late, scouring all corners of Sydney to bring you a definitive list of the best B & E rolls the city has to offer.

Our two criteria for our search were taste and price tag and The Pig & Pastry in Petersham smashed both of these out of the park. One of their homemade bap rolls stuffed full with smoky, crispy bacon and yolky golden eggs will only set you back $9. And did we mention the housemade tomato and bbq sauce you get to drizzle on top? Pure flavour punching glory.


Next on our list is a little heftier at $14 a pop but rest assured it’s worth every penny. Sydney institution Mary’s – which has set up shop in Newtown and the CBD – is a business built on burgers. One bite of their breakfast burger, complete with pork patty, bacon, crispy hash brown, cheese, onion, maple vinegar and HP sauce will show you exactly why this place is a raging success.


A little further down the street from Mary’s fine CBD establishment you’ll find White Rabbit. Upon entering, your bacon sense will start tingling as you notice that this is a place which specialises in all things meaty. At $14, their smoked belly bacon and egg roll with house made bourbon BBQ sauce feels like a real steal.


Not convinced by the $14 price tag? Make a beeline to Parlour Lane Roasters where $7.50 will secure you a traditional B & E roll and your morning coffee. There’s no arguing this place is the perfect remedy for hungover mornings after expensive nights out.


Another cheap and cheerful roll and coffee combo can be found at Antidote Café at The Star. This one will cost you $10 (or just $7.50 for the bacon and egg part) but the harbour views from nearby Pyrmont Bay Park are free. Our favourite aspect of the nosh here is that all your protein sources come with delicious little bits of char, thanks to the fact everything’s cooked on an outdoor BBQ. The smoky bacon smells that waft through the air are also pretty spectacular. Yes, we drooled a little.

San Antonio Sourdough has been baking delicious bread around Sydney for years, from their flagship store in Kirribilli right out to their eastern suburbs bakery in Coogee. Head to your closest one for a $12 bacon and egg roll on the best bun you’ll ever taste. The tomato chutney is also pretty damn good and balances out the salty bacon goodness with panache.

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Further north of the CBD, Hemingway’s in Manly is your best bet for crispy, yolky goodness that won’t hurt the hip pocket. Their B & E roll, complete with rocket, tomato relish and aioli (yum!) is a steal at just $13, especially considering the epic beach side location. This is a place where all the cool kids come to hang out and, given the free cookies that come with the delicious coffees, we think we can see why.

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