The Hunt For Sydney's Best Gelato

When the hot weather hits, nothing quite beats the smooth creamy taste of an icy cold gelato. Who’s kidding? It doesn’t have to be hot to enjoy a gelato any time of the year!  We went hunting for Sydney’s best gelato and have found these favourite spots the locals find finger licking good!

Gelato Messina Bondi - 6/61 Hall St, Bondi Beach

Mouthwateringly addictive, the gelato served here is to die for. Gelato and toppings are made from scratch.  Sourcing ingredients from their own dairy farm and recipes from their own pastry and gelato chefs.  It’s good, really good.  Located in one of Sydney’s favourite seaside playgrounds and a few doors down from the Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi Beach Sydney, you will be so glad you stayed here and stopped in for an icy cold scoop - or two. 

Gelatissimo - 258 Coogee Bay Rd, Coogee

When you see queues outside the door the ice cream must be good! With a heap of friendly local staff, fast service, and great ice cream, Gelatissimo is sure to deliver. Enjoy a range of sorbets and natural ice creams, it is a sure visit next time you're in Coogee. If you're planning on staying the night, why not visit the newly refurbished Adina Apartment Hotel Coogee Sydney

Aqua S - Shop 27 Regent Place 501 George Street, Sydney

Famous for their Sea Salt soft serve, Aqua S has a permanent following by some of the George Street locals.  Ensuring to shake it up every fortnight, they change the flavours and it’s anyone’s guess what will be on offer. Toppings are not neglected here either.  Fairy floss anyone? Or perhaps popping candy is more to your liking.  Either way, the signature Sea Salt mixed with another flavour and topped with your favourite dessert just can’t be missed.

Gelato Blue - 318 King St, Newtown

Sydney’s first plant-based gelateria, Gelato Blue is 100 per cent vegan, including gluten and dairy free.  The thing is, the flavours are just as good, if not better than traditional gelato.  Forever at the forefront of experimentation, opting for coconut milk over dairy, the distinct flavour of coconut enhances rather that overpowers the taste of the gelato.  From passionfruit cheesecake, white chocolate almond or butterscotch and vegan honey there is a flavour for everyone at this deliciously tempting establishment.

RivaReno Gelato - Cafe Shop 4 33 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo

The second in a chain of two gelato stores, RivaReno Gelato shares its origins in Italy. Inspired by fresh wholesome flavours, Australian born Kieran Tosolini purchased the Italian chain and employed Italian gelato making methodologies to create the perfect gelato every time. Stored in sealed insulated cylinders which maintain freshness and consistency, the gelato will have you feeling like you are in Italy. Toppings and extras are imported from Italy, making this gelato melt-in-your-mouth perfection.  Serving waffles, crepes, Mecca coffee, tea and affogatos, you can devour more than just gelato.

Ciccone & Sons - 195 Regent Street, Redfern

If you are looking for a small homely gelato and coffee store, look no further than Ciccone & Sons.  Boasting ten different delicious flavours on its handwritten menu, the charm and flavour will knock you off your feet.  Employing a vintage Carpigiani gelato maker, the gelato is lovingly made by hand as it was years ago. Using only fresh ingredients, you won’t find pastes or flavourings in these lip-smacking favourites.  Jersey milk creamy texture is used to make crème brulee, mascarpone pannacotta, chocolate, tiramisu and buttermilk classics you’ve just got to try.

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