The Most Unique Cocktails on The Gold Coast

Any time of day is the right time for a cocktail, but most people reserve this little luxury until Happy Hour or at minimum after lunch!  From a satisfying Bloody Mary to a dry Vodka Martini, we have done the rounds and selected the best cocktails the Gold Coast has to offer.

Driftwood Mary

The new player in the local dining scene, with a relaxing pool club feel, is bringing new life to the riverfront is the Driftwood Social located at Vibe Hotel Gold Coast.  With a chilled-out and spacious atmosphere complimented by indoor/outdoor seating, you will find poolside cabanas and riverfront views.  Choose your zone and cosy down with a refreshing retro cocktail from the bar or settle for a fun classic brew.  Any which way you elect to spend your afternoon, the Driftwood Social is a must for a sweet or dry cocktail delight, a local or international glass of wine or a handcrafted or classic brew to unwind with. Our favourite cocktail, the Driftwood Mary.

Bloody Mary

In Broadbeach, start with sweet mojitos or icy Spritz cocktails, the flavour will impress even the most adverse cocktailer. Using flavoured ice blocks, crushed into a Bloody Mary or served whole in a Margarita for a sweet summer fruity flavoured spectacular.

Denarau Punch

Cruising through Brisbane, you will find house infused Dancing Cow Shiraz which is gently intermixed with Grand Marnier, cloudy apple juice and a generous serve of seasonal fruits. Stirred and served punch style with mint, lemongrass and Fee Brothers Aromatic Bitters crown. Interested?  This cocktail has been named the Denarau Punch. The Medicine, Apple Vineyard Martini or the Johnny Cash are also on the list.  If you are wanting something a little more standard, try a classic Daiquiri or mix it with berries, vanilla, basil, honey or rosemary, or order a Margharitta, Martini or Mojito.

The Old Man

Kick back with some ice-cold pisco in Nobby’s Beach, a smooth rum espresso martini or The Old Man complemented by an apricot-infused Johnnie Walker, sweet vermouth, fig and cinnamon bitters. The cocktail mixer extraordinaire has experimented with taste and combined several complimentary flavours to allow you to enjoy an unwinding extravagance or a standard sinful delight, the choice is yours.

The Cookie Monster

Make a selection from cocktails starting with the Brewspresso Martini, the Cookie Monster or the Shoey – served in a shoe-shaped cocktail glass and Above the Clouds served with a cloud of fairy floss. To start the night off in Surfers Paradise, you could always try a tasting paddle with 6 combinations of beers before moving onto a cocktail treat. 

The Watermelon Appletini

Also to be found in Surfers Paradise is the Watermelon Appletini, which is an American Martini cocktail served with watermelon, vodka, sour apple pucker, Midori and apple juice. Included on the menu are the AC/DC, Apple Crumble Pie and an Aperol Spritz.  The punch varieties are called the Mojo Juice, Strawberry Ecstasy and Pimms Punch.

Banana Daiquiri

A classic rum love of rum has seen a menu of cocktails based on this liquid gold and turned into a treat for your taste buds in Broadbeach.  With banana daiquiri on the menu and a mixture of other more unknown masterpieces (like the Oil Change: a coconut-ty concoction of Angostura five-year-old rum and bitters served in a vintage oil can) you are in for a treat. 

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