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Weird and Wonderful Fitness Trends of 2017

Chances are you’ve heard of Beer Yoga by now, which may well have you wondering what else is on the horizon this year when it comes to new forms of ‘exercise’. Come on – drinking beer in different poses doesn’t make you fit; it just makes you slightly more likely to hold on to your beer next time you bust a particularly ambitious dance move. The good news is most of the other newly imagined activities set to explode onto the scene this year seem to have more health-related benefits. The bad news is you may still look silly doing them.

Dancing in the Dark

Thanks to a dark, empty hall and the cumulative brainpower of a couple of Melburnians, you can now dance around in public without any risk of judgement. No, the general populous hasn’t become more accepting of the sprinkler, two step shuffle or inappropriate pelvic thrusting: there are now organised events where the lights are out, the doors are shut and you can’t see your own hands let alone the movements of the person next to you. While No Lights No Lycra has been around for a few years, it’s only recently reached peak velocity, popping up everywhere from Margaret River to Malmö. Classes are usually an hour long, very popular and boast epic soundtracks traversing everything from big 80s hits to modern day dance tunes.


Dancing in the Air

We’ve seen a meteoric rise in the art of Bungee Dance on our Insta feeds of late, including moves from the likes of Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt. If she’s doing it, count us in. This super-fun workout involves a harness, a bungy cord, superhero like leaps and vertical wall climbs, all to the beat of high-energy music. Learn from the best and lock in a spot with Cirque de Soleil’s Olga Sidorova this February at Sydney Uni.

Sunday - Funday 😜🦄 #bungeedance

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Favoured by celebs like Kimmy K and Bella Thorne, this one is guaranteed to have you hobbling around in muscle fatigue hell for a couple of days post-workout. We realise this may not sound enticing but offer it as evidence that it works. Put simply, megaformer is like Pilates on crack, placing participants on bulked out reformer machines and making them work – hard – for an hour at a time. The workout is specifically designed to strengthen the core, burn fat, build lean muscle, build endurance and kick-start your metabolism, which is essentially our ultimate workout wish list. Try it at Physicore in Sydney or LA Fit Studio in Perth.



If you ever felt jealous of Ariel and her six sisters when you were growing up, this is the fitness trend for you. Chances are it’s exactly what you’re imagining. Participants don brightly coloured mermaid costumes (technically called monofins) and glide through the water, toning their cores, building endurance and tackling back pain. If you want to take the benefits even further you can join a No Ripples Mermaid Fitness Class, which fuses swimming, dancing and interval training. We’re guessing there are no single leg raises involved.

Synchronised Mermaiding!

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Virtual Boxing

Perfect for anyone in need of a flexible workout they can do at home, virtual boxing is the next big thing in the digital arena. All you need is a pair of 1kg dumbbells, three 15 minute slots a week and the discipline to push yourself hard when your trainer can’t actually see you. Sign up to the BoxxMethodfor a free 10-day trial to see if it works for you.


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