Chifley's Bar & Grill

Chifley’s Bar & Grill is named after the 16th Prime Minister of Australia, Ben Chifley. Paying homage to the past, with inspiration from today, the team creates a unique experience for diners in a classically elegant yet beautifully refurbished dining room, which extends to a glassed-in terrace overlooking the hotel gardens.

The menu caters to discerning travellers, the local diplomat or business person with honest, classic but inventive dishes – steaks married with superfood salads and dishes designed for sharing. A quality wine list offers variety of local and international wines.

The 1920s marked the birth of the modern restaurant era when eating out was no longer confined to the elite and leisure travel became open to everyone. Today the restaurant’s warm nostalgic interiors are inviting to all. They provide a place for a quick bite or drink at the bar, to celebrate a special occasion with family and friends or relax at a summer acoustic session in the garden.

A whiskey bar honouring Chifley’s favourite drink will take guests on a sensory journey through decades gone by as well as a menu of carefully curated liquors and cocktails, craft beers, ciders and artisan wines.

Opening Hours

7am to 10.30am
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Monday to Friday
12pm to 2pm
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Monday to Saturday
5.30pm to 8.20pm
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Room Service
5.30pm to 8.30pm
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