Peace of mind when you stay with us

At TFE Hotels, we want to give every guest that stays with us the peace of mind to know their health and wellbeing is our very top priority.

After all, our hotels have always had rigorous standards for cleaning and safety. And, during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we worked with our housekeeping and cleaning partners to deliver hygiene protocols over and above the government's recommendations.

We give you our firm promise as hoteliers that, when you stay with us, we will look after you.

In a world Post COVID, safety remains our priority and we’ll continue to do what we do best as hoteliers.We’ll also commit to giving our guests greater visibility of what we do behind-the-scenes to keep you safe. We call our health and hygiene program Clean Touch.

It’s just a safety culture that’s firmly embedded in our business and hygiene standards that are as second nature to us as our customer service.


TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey-01.png


TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Sanitisation Public Space.png

Sanitisation in
Public Spaces

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Hand Sanitiser.png

Hand Sanitiser

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_QR Code.png

Online Compendiums, 
Menus and Information

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Cashless.png


TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Declutter.png

Unnecessary Items

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Contactless.png

Contactless Check-in,
Cleaning and Room
Service Delivery

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_High Touch Points.png

High Touch Points 
Given Extra Attention

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Avoid Embracing.png

Avoid embracing
or shaking hands

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Contact Restrictions.png

Observe contact

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Avoid Visiting.png

Avoid visiting if having
contact with infected
patents or when
showing signs of disease

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Floorplan.png

Covid Safe
Conferencing Solutions

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Observe Etiquette.png

Observe etiquette when
sneezing and coughing

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Audit.png

Observe the
registration obligation

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Face mask.png

Wear a motuh and
nose mask except at
the tabe


TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_100pts.png

Deep Clean

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Clean Experts.png

We partner with
Cleaning Experts

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Network.png

Workplace Health and
Safety Protocols across
the Network

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Hospital Grade.png

Hospital Grade
Deep Cleans
Pre and Post Stay

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Certified.png

Our Team
has undergone
COVID-19 Safe Training

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Leadership.png

Senior Leadership
Committee oversees all

TFE CLEAN TOUCH ICONS 100x100_CleanTouch Grey_Audit.png

Business Continuity
Audit with Suppliers
and Partners

What You Will See in Our Hotels

  • We have changed the way we communicate pre stay to give guests peace of mind that health, safety and hygiene is top of mind.
  • Social distancing protocols have been rolled out in all shared spaces.
  • Check-in and Check-out looks a little different because we’ve implemented controls to reduce direct contact with workers and guests, we’ve moved to single use pens and cashless payments and introduced new cash handling procedures.
  • We are introducing a Virtual Registration Card that can be filled in on your phone up to 48 hours in advance of your arrival.
  • We have introduced contactless cleaning procedures in the hotel and a 100pt checklist for deep cleans.
  • COVID-appropriate signage (including hand hygiene and cough etiquette messaging) has been introduced.
  • Sanitation levels were increased in hotels across all high traffic, high touchpoint and shared area surfaces. We also increased the frequency of cleans in public bathrooms, toilets and public areas.
  • Hand sanitiser stations are now located in common areas and at key touch points like in lifts as are tissue boxes to prevent skin to surface contact.
  • We decluttered unnecessary items from hotel rooms – extra pillows, blankets, decorative items.
  • High touch points in rooms are given extra attention - remote controls are cleaned and sealed in bags.
  • Room service now operates with knock and drop contactless delivery.
  • All staff have been given the appropriate PPE gear. At time of writing, masks remain voluntary unless dependent on current legislation (e.g. Saxony Germany where it is compulsory to wear them).
  • The way we present our crockery, utensils and glassware in your hotel room will look a little different

Behind The Scenes

  • Senior Leaders within TFE Hotels formed a COVID-19 working group in mid-January 2020 who spearheaded safety and hygiene protocols and delivery throughout the pandemic and beyond.
  • TFE Hotels’ enhanced safety protocols (food service, safety and cleaning) have been designed to meet and exceed government's regulation.
  • State, territory or local government protocols were carefully cross-checked to ensure full compliance and we were nimble in our responses. We are proud of what we have done and will continue to achieve.
  • We employ a dedicated team of WPH&S safety professionals to oversee the implementation of all cleanliness and hygiene practices and ensure compliance with health and travel advisories and government guidelines. During COVID-19, this team modified and rolled out existing SOPs to comply with Government guidelines and restrictions to maintain a safe work environment for our team.
  • We increased team personal hygiene and cleaning controls across our global network. In additional to personal protective equipment (PPE and thermometers), team members received the standard operating protocols needed to deliver on enhanced safety protocols.
  • Business continuity planning was conducted to ensure we could continue to deliver the high levels of service at all times. We worked closely with our external suppliers and partners to understand how they interacted with us in our day-to-day operations. From this audit, we introduced enhanced procedures (like greater transparency around annual leave) as an added layer of protection.
  • From our kitchens to our back offices to our hotel rooms, we continue to stem the spread of bacteria through strong hand hygiene management and heightened surface and floor disinfectant protocols. This includes high touch surfaces in guest rooms and shared spaces.
  • Deep cleans post stay were elevated from commercial grade to hospital grade.
  • The veracity and high safety profile of the cleaning products used in our hotels has been approved by the Australian Department of Health Therapeutic Goods Administration for use against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus. Our suppliers use non-hazardous chemicals with hospital grade, broad spectrum bacteria-killing properties.
  • We made changes to processes for our Fire Life and Safety providers to ensure their safety when attending for alarms and repairs.
  • We are in the process of introducing no-touch tech solutions – like QR Codes for compendiums, menus and room service – to help minimise contact and reduce the transmission of germs.