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Budapest, Hungary’s capital, is the country’s political, cultural, commercial and transport hub.

Visiting Budapest offers the chance to be immersed in a culture of old and new. It is a city where historical landmarks meet with eclectic and art nouveau influences. 

TFE Hotels in Budapest

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Things to do in Budapest

Known as the city of baths, Budapest is a city full of thermal springs. The many baths, ranging from simple pools to giant structures complete with Roman columns, contain thermal waters that are said to have healing qualities.

The many museums of the city are full of relics of ancient and modern history, while Memorial Park is home to historic gems such as the Lenin statue.

For shoppers and foodies, there are hidden treasures around every corner, from the best kept secrets of the Jewish quarter, to pop up restaurants serving goulash and pastry kitchens full of pancakes, strudels and sweets of Hungary.

TFE Hotels offer stylish and affordable hotel accommodation, in a central location in Budapest. Adina Apartment Hotel Budapest is situated in the heart of Budapest close to the business district.

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