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Hamburg city is known as Germany’s gateway to the world - and with good reason.

The city contains Germany’s biggest port and a population of over 1.8 million, making Hamburg Germany’s second largest city.

As a well-established mecca for both domestic and international travellers of all kinds, there are a range of hotels in Hamburg City. Adina Apartment Hotels offers stylish hotel accommodation in the Adina Apartment Hotel Hamburg Michel.

TFE Hotels in Hamburg

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Things to do in Hamburg

Hamburg is a city of diversity, contrast, and excitement. 

For decades, this is where people who appreciate art, music, food, wine and history have flocked. Whether you are looking to admire over 700 years of art, architecture and history, you want to sample local Saxon dishes, or you’d just like to wander through one of the world’s most famous entertainment and red light districts, then Hamburg is your city.


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