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Frankfurt is Germany’s fifth largest city and is an international centre for finance, culture, transport and tourism.

The city is well known for tourist attractions such as the historic Römerberg, Frankfurt Cathedral, St Paul’s Church and the Goethe House. As a result, Frankfurt has numerous people visiting every year.

TFE Hotels in Frankfurt

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Things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a picturesque city and is home to many architectural and historical gems.

Walking along one of the cobblestone streets will afford views of original half-timbered houses, as well as ornate castles and churches dating back as far as 850. From the Romantic and Castle Roads, relics of the middle ages can be admired, complete with ramparts, city gates and the town hall.

The city has many museums and galleries with collections from the past and exhibitions featuring the next generation of artists, musicians and artisans.

With over 3,000 restaurants in Frankfurt, you will never be at a loss for somewhere to eat. The majority of cafes, bars and restaurants are in the downtown area, which is very walkable and is famous for it’s authentic and reasonably priced German food.

TFE Hotels offer stylish and affordable hotel accommodation, in central locations throughout Frankfurt. Adina Apartment Hotel Frankfurt Neue Oper is perfectly positioned along the banks of the River Main.


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