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Nuremberg is a beautiful town in northern Bavaria where medieval history meets modern life. It is most famous for bratwurst, gingerbread and the annual Christmas Market, which is one of the biggest and most spectacular in Germany.It is also known for beer – pale, dark or genuine “Rot Beer”, which is celebrated with the Franconian Beer Festival in May.

Nuremburg is also known for its Old Town Festival in September

The image of the middle ages Imperial Castle has long been the symbol of the city, once home to the emperor of Germany’s Holy Roman Empire

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Things To Do 

Nuremburg offers a walk through history and culture, and even houses one of the largest zoos in Europe.

In the heart of the Old Town is the Toy Museum and the Train Museum has a collection that dates back to 1882.

The Craftsmen’s Courtyard is like a visit back to medieval times, via its tiny alleyways, where shops in half-timbered houses offer German delicacies and artisans’ works.

The former home of the Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer offers insight into the life of the artist.

Tour the beautiful historic Gothic churches or learn about Germany’s often sombre past via its museums - the Germanisches Nationalmuseum is one of the nation’s most significant, while the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds is the largest remaining monument to the National Socialist era.

The Memorium Nuremberg Trials displays the trial of National Socialist members which took place in 1945/1946. 

Travelling to Nuremberg

Nuremberg is easy to reach via Autobahns A3, A6 and A9, the high-speed ICE- and IC-connections with non-stop services to and from Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Bremen, Berlin and Vienna or by long-distance bus. Nuremberg’s “Albrecht Dürer” Airport in the north of the city is easy to reach with national and international flights. Nuremberg is also a popular stop for river cruises between the Danube and Rhine. The city is linked with the pan-European Burgenstraßen, Regnitz and Fünf-Flüsse Bicycle Trails and the long-distance Ostsee – Oberbayern Bicycle Trail. 


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