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When it comes to hotels, we’re expanding our reach across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and South-East Asia with stylish hotels and apartment hotels that suit modern lifestyles. With each country comes a set of sights, sounds and experiences that’ll turn your trip into an experience of a lifetime.

We’re here to help you spin that stay into a great travel yarn.

Through our Visiting Media and Digital Influencer program, we can assist bonafide members of the media / digital influencers (who align with our brands) wishing to stay at our properties. In applying, please let us know how we can work together to achieve our mutual goals. We’re a small team, so please give us as much notice as possible and as much relevant information (audience demographics etc). 


Your pitch in important in assessing suitability...

For writers, pitches should include the hotel (specific brand, city and property), proposed dates of travel, number of pax, what you're looking to write about and how it fits with our brands, and your media credentials (eg, press ID, previous placements and examples of work). Please include the media outlet you are representing (circulation, readership, viewership, visitation is helpful) and any additional social media audiences you/your outlet may have where you’ll be able to value add. We love working with freelancers, but please let us know up front if you have a commission or which publications you are planning on pitching to, so we can see how this fits in with our current planning and famil schedule. 

Digital Influencers, please make it easy for us by including all info relevant to your pitch. If we don't know who your audience is, we can't make an assessment.  Rest assured, we try hard to support those visits that align with our brand messaging and with current marketing campaigns and strategies, so if you are interested in staying at one of our TFE Hotels’ properties as part of our familiarisation program, we’d love to hear from you.

Once we have this information, we will be able to assess our level of support. As you can imagine, the team receives a large number of requests across the network and it’s not always possible to accommodate. Please note it is difficult to offer complimentary or media rates during peak periods, so thanks in advance for your understanding.

Here's cheers to some great adventures and good night sleeps together!