Day Use Room

Book a hotel from 9am to 5pm, Plus, you’ll get full use of our hotel facilities including lobbies, restaurants, bars, pools, and gym*

Book with confidence - you can cancel up to 2pm, one day before you're due to arrive with our free cancellation policy.*

Use promo code "DAYUSE", or select from the list of hotels below;

Minimum 1 night stay required.  Stay Dates: 08/01/24 - 31/12/24  Book By: 31/12/24
Terms and conditions.
Overnight stays incur an additional $50.00 charge, payable at the hotel during your stay and is subject to availability.All prices are quoted in hotel local currency except where specified, are per room per day. Booking is non-prepaid and can be canceled 2pm one day before arrival with no cancellation fee. Cancellation after this period will incur a penalty which is equal to your day use accommodation charge. Rates are subject to availability, exclude peak periods and can change without notification due to fluctuations in charges and currency. A limited number of rooms may be available at these rates. Blackout dates, advance purchase restrictions, specific stay date restrictions, booking date restrictions or minimum night stays may apply. 
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