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Vibe Hotels launches Vibe-Rate Travel Forum

Do you have your finger on the pulse? Do you always know where to get the best coffee, which pub pulls the best beer or where to get the best steak in town? Why not share your knowledge with the world by posting your hottest tips on Vibe Hotel’s new online travel forum “Vibe-Rate” at .
Vibe Hotel’s new “Vibe-Rate” travel forum provides Vibe fans with a great place to share their travel tips about the best things to do around each of the seven Vibe Hotel locations throughout Australia.
People who post tips can upload images, mark locations on the interactive Google maps and share links to other travel information. Visitors can join discussion threads, start their own discussions, bookmark discussions to follow postings and download an RSS feed to keep up with the latest things discussed on the forum.
Belinda Johnson, Marketing Director, Toga Hospitality said, “We are really delighted to launch the Vibe-Rate Travel Forum as a platform for our Vibe fans to share their best travel tips. Nothing makes a holiday better than having those fantastic insider tips about the best things to do on your holiday.”
Vibe Hotels can be found across Sydney , Melbourne , Darwin and the Gold Coast . Each hotel is an expression of the city village in which it is located and reflects the local surrounds from beach-chic to city-slick or urban-cool, allowing travellers to experience and absorb the essence of the destination.