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We believe that the quality of your accommodation shouldn’t suffer because you have your pet with you. In fact, we think that sharing your accommodation should make your stay with us even more special.

That’s why our hotels in Germany have special features for your four-legged guests.

Most commonly, we cater to dogs. To make sure your dog feels at home, we offer packages including*:

  • A comfy blanket in the room. Exclusively for your dog’s use during their stay.
  • A dog bowl and chew toy.
  • A “Do Not Disturb” sign for the door. This lets our staff know that your dog is in the room and might be trying to catch some well-earned holiday rest.
  • Bags for clean-up. You might need them while you’re out for a walk or inside the room - accidents happen.
  • Healthy homemade meals. Check with us what’s on the menu, prior to your visit.

You can choose from a number of packages with the above features. They all include cleaning fees.

For more information on our pet friendly services, please contact the relevant hotels directly;

The pet friendly package can be booked direct online by choosing the dog package as an extra upon completing the reservation.

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