Can’t afford a trip to France? Here’s Where to Find Melbourne’s Best Wine and Cheese

It’s no secret one of the major drawcards of a trip to France is the amount of exceptional wine and cheese available at every corner. Where else can you pair a decadently creamy slice of Brillat-Savarin with a glass of genuine champagne on the banks of the Rhone? Or a full bodied Roquefort with a honey-sweet Sauternes in front of the Eiffel Tower? That’s right; nowhere. But, if you’re willing to forego the famous landmarks, you can recreate the eating and drinking parts of these scenarios right here in Melbourne.

If you haven’t been to Milk the Cow yet, we implore you to change your ways. They have a cheese and wine flight for all moods and cravings, from the light and bubbly cheese and sparkling offering right through to the cheese and cognac for after dinner extravagances of the very best kind.


Neighbourhood Wine should also be firmly on your radar, thanks to their 400-strong wine list and infallible taste in cheese. If you don’t mind some fragrance on your fromage, try the washed rind Epoisses, a rather stinky specialty imported direct from Burgundy.

1806 might be best known for its exceptional cocktails but we’ll let you in on a little secret: its wine and cheese offering is no less impressive. If we may be so bold, we suggest a sliver of the Charles Arnaud Comte alongside a glass of the Vitulus Cab Sav. Or perhaps an Italian Campari cocktail might better suit your European taste?


Melbourne Supper Clubis one of the city’s favourite late night venues, partly for the intimate atmosphere and moody interiors but mostly for the fine food and beverages cluttering its menu. The cheese on offer is on constant rotation while the leather-bound wine list is clearly a permanent fixture, reading like an encyclopedia of all the world’s varietals. You’d best settle in for the long haul.

A cheese cabinet you say? Bellota, you sure know the way to our hearts. Throw in the constantly changing wine list and direct access to neighbouring Prince Wine Store (where you can choose from over 4000 bottles) and we’re yours forever.


If this sounds a little too fancy for your taste, Harper and Blohm will be the perfect match for you. It’s located inside Prince Wine Store’s sister shop in Essendon and also boasts a cheese cabinet: the difference here is you buy your goods to take away. How handy that picnic-perfect Queens Park is located an easy 10 minute walk down the road.

Richmond Hill Café and Larder goes one up on the cheese cabinet, presenting visitors with an entire cheese room. Step inside, inhale the fumes and talk to the friendly cheesemonger to get some suggestions. You’ll have to do the majority of the eating in the café but that’s ok - that’s where you order your wine.


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