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How to Get Upgraded to Business Class

Follow these simple steps and in no time you’ll find yourself getting comfortable in a plush leather seat while sipping on champagne. You can thank us later.

Dress smart

Think about it, you’re never going to get upgraded to the fancy seats dressing like a hobo. Don a clean pressed suit or sophisticated dress when checking in and you’ll easily convince the flight staff that you were made to be in business class. Simply change back into your sweats and Uggs when you board the flight. Easy peasy.

Be early for your flight

If there are seats available, they’re going to give them to the customers who are ready and waiting. It might mean that you end up wandering around the airport aimlessly to kill time, but it will definitely be worth it!  

Travel alone

Your chances of being upgraded to business class increase if you travel alone. Sure, it means you won’t have a companion to keep you company on the 3-hour flight to Christchurch, but you won’t need anyone when your sipping on Dom Perignon while watching the latest blockbuster movie, will you?

Use your points

You can earn points on absolutely everything these days, from buying groceries to online shopping. Save up your points and use them to upgrade to business class on your next holiday. While you may not have enough points to get a free upgrade, many airlines will let you pay the gap.

Just ask

While it’s very rare to be upgraded upon checking in these days, it’s still worth a try. Don’t forget to say please, a little politeness goes a long way! Give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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