Pack Light for you Summer VacationPack Light for you Summer Vacation

Pack Light for your Summer Vacay

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You’ve got your flights booked or the car sorted. You’ve lined up some cool accommodation for a summer escape. Work is on hold and it’s time to leave your worries behind. Now all you need to do is pack. Can it really be that hard?

Somehow, packing is the thing that many of us dread most when we’re heading off on vacation. If there’s one piece of advice, it’s to travel light. Packing half a dozen pairs of shoes might have seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s not such a good idea when you’re paying for excess luggage or trying to squeeze everything into the car boot.

Adina’s apartment hotels make it easy to travel light because their well-equipped kitchen and laundry facilities mean that all you need to pack are personal items. And here’s how to make that part effortless too.

Keep your wardrobe simple by sticking to a few neutral colours. Highlight with jewellery if you need to. Choose pieces that transition easily from day to night, like a floating maxi dress or killer jumpsuit. Take one special outfit if you wish but try to stick to clothes that do double duty.

Shorts can be too casual for some places, especially if you plan to spend more time in the rooftop bar than around the pool. Adina’s, and especially in its luxe A by Adina hotels, are so inviting that you might want to pack linen or lightweight long pants rather than shorts.

Clothes that dry quickly and don’t crush are a godsend. Layers are good as they can keep you warm or be peeled off as the weather dictates. Pack a lightweight jacket or sweater for chilly nights, cold planes and air-conditioned restaurants.

A light wrap or pashmina shawl can have endless uses, not just in chilly restaurants but also for spicing up an outfit, covering up at the beach, using as a curtain for privacy, or even as a blanket on the plane.

Take a sarong, kaftan or other cover-up so that you can transition from the pool or beach to lunch or another activity. A groovy straw bag is the only bag you’ll need on balmy days and evenings, though you might want to take a small backpack or tote for long walks and excursions.

If you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, pack a light rain jacket, folding umbrella or plastic poncho. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat – preferably wide-brimmed – but go easy on toiletries. A by Adina’s designer amenities include beautiful Hunter Lab natural skin care products, and you can buy most things you need at your destination, like sunscreen, insect repellent and dry shampoo.

You’ll need some sneakers if you plan to do any walks, and mesh water shoes are recommended if you are planning water activities. Pack a reusable water bottle so that you can stay hydrated – it’s better for your budget and the environment than buying single-use bottles. Now, more so than ever, you’ll probably want to pack hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes (handy for wiping down dirty tables too).

Load podcasts, movies or e-books onto your phone or tablet, and don’t forget your headphones. Regardless of how light you travel, there’s always room for a good book. We’re currently reading Hannah Kent’s “Devotion”. Burying your nose in a good book is the ultimate summer vacation.

** Peace of mind when you stay with us: Introducing Clean Touch. Note some activities listed may be subject to Covid restrictions.**

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