Say Cheese: Subiaco's Foodie Vibe Will Surprise

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PERTH: Hidden street art trails, arts and culture in abundance, a beautiful new Vibe hotel, colourful history, fab farmer's markets, and streets drizzled with eclectic bars and eateries, when it comes to Subiaco, what more could you ask for? Well, you could always ask for cheese!

Vibe Hotels has arrived onto the Streets of Subi with a beaut new hotel and rooftop pool that makes the absolute most of Australia's sunniest state capital. So, like any new neighbour, we've enlisted the help of local, Charli Peasley, to give us the skinny on one of the 'gratest' experiences you can have in the hood.

According to Charli, Simon Johnson boutique grocery store is an icon in these parts (and perfect for picking up a cheesy afternoon snack), but it's the store's cheesemongers that takes this fab fromagerie to the next level.

Whether you prefer sweet, salty, sharp or smoky, the cheesery has more than 100 farmhouse and artisan cheeses in stock, so there'll be something for every taste and wallet. (We're told that Simon Johnson's is the only fromagerie in Subiaco and a regular at the weekend farmer's markets, but it's not just their cheese that packs a punch. Pungent olive oils, devilishly dark chocolate and truffle honey jostle for attention).

The luck of the Irish will definitely be behind you if you pick up a Cashel Blue on your visit. Ten years in the making, this Tipperary-born cheese is creamy, rich with nutty veins of blue mould and decidedly delicious. For some, it's an acquired taste, but we think it'll  pair nicely with the sunset views from your hotel poolside perch.

Vibe is a Aussie brand and, like Simon Johnson's home-grown cheeses - Holy Goat and Pyengana Cheddar, a stay at Vibe Hotel Subiaco will leave you wanting more. The hotel boasts a rooftop pool, gym, conference space and versatile guest rooms that can transform into three-bedroom suites. Perth CBD, cycle paths and Subi's various tourist attractions are within easy striking distance and, for those that love al fresco dining, the rooftop Storehouse Restaurant and Bar offers incredible views over Perth.

And, like a good cheese, it'll only get better with age! 

For more tips from Charli, visit Streets of Subi and to book a hotel stay in this lovely leafy suburb, take a wander through our website.

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