Top 5 Spots for Cheese Lovers in Perth

Aged cheese, blue cheese, cheddar, Danish… we love our cheese so much we can go through the whole alphabet. Any other cheese fanatics out there will know all too well the pull of the creamy, salty, melt-able goodness and will quite possibly be salivating as they read this. If this is you, ready a napkin, because we’re about to take you through the best cheese feasts in all of Perth and trust us, nobody likes an unsolicited drool.

If you’ve never had the French delicacy that is Raclette, consider Woodpeckers your new cultural tutor. For the uninitiated, Raclette is simply a giant wheel of cheese, heated to perfect gooey consistency and served with various dipping items such as potatoes, bread and pickles. It’s… oh, you’re already out the door.

Toastface Grillahknows the value of a good toastie, so much so they’ve built their business on them. Whether you get a classic cheese and vegemite combo, a slightly more sinful three cheese melt (no B Vitamins there) or something fancier - like the blue cheese, pear and chutney combo that is Pear Grillz - you’re guaranteed gooey melty goodness encased in crispy carbs.

For a good old fashioned cheese board there’s no going past what’s on offer at Petition Wine Barin the CBD. Boasting a cheese menu (yep, an actual menu) that traverses continental Europe and the option to pick and choose your own combination, this place seriously makes us want to high-five its creators. Oh and being a wine bar the staff are only too happy to suggest the best vino pairings for your cheesy selections.

Imagine if you could make cheese. At home in your kitchen. From scratch. Well dear friends, this dream can become a reality with the help of one of the many courses on offer at The Cheese Maker. Become the hero of haloumi, the master of mozzarella, the God of goat cheese and everyone’s favourite dinner party guest.

Because we are firm supporters of cheese in all its shapes and forms, we couldn’t finish this article without giving a nod to what we think is Perth’s best cheesecake. It’s a big call, we know, but have one bite of Young George’s white chocolate and gingerbread version, which comes decadently decorated with malt crumbs and stewed rhubarb, and we’re almost certain you’ll be singing its praises from the rooftops.

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