Where You Should Travel Next Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How will you choose your next holiday destination? Tick the next item off your bucket list? Pounce on an unmissable deal? Or simply close your eyes, spin a globe and see where your finger lands? If you’re looking for a fourth option, why not let the zodiac guide you? To make the job easy, we’ve paired the traits and preferences of each star sign to a specific destination, tailor made for your enjoyment.


The average Aquarius is unconventional, independent and likes fighting for a cause. As such, we suggest sending yourself to Hobart where you can indulge in the Apple Isle’s bohemian lifestyle, exploring the underground art scene and enjoying state’s dedication to sustainable living.  


Peaceful and compassionate, Pisces loves spending time alone and connecting with the spiritual side of life – something which is almost impossible to avoid in Marysville, just over an hour out of Melbourne. Explore beautiful mountains, tumbling waterfalls, perfect your downward dog and read a great book by an open fire.  


Aries is courageous, determined and thrives off physical challenges. To us that sounds like someone who’d thoroughly enjoy a trip to Darwin, tackling long and arduous outback hikes, reeling in metre-long barramundi and testing their mettle by getting up close and personal with giant saltwater crocs.  


Taurus is patient, practical and likes the finer things in life, making him or her the perfect candidate for a luxurious stay at Gambaro Hotel in Brisbane. Beautiful rooms and exquisite food will delight while the city’s top notch range of practical pursuits – including everything from painting and sculpture workshops to the much loved culinary classes at James St Cooking School – will satisfy the need for hands-on hobbies.  


Affectionate, curious and easily bored, Gemini will love some time in Melbourne. The bustling city speaks to all of Gemini’s interests, providing an endless selection of food, art, music and immersive venues.  


Hey Cancer, we hear you like relaxing near water. Have you been to Newcastle? Home to seven beautiful beaches, protected ocean pools, scenic coastal walks and an abundance of on-the-water activities, we think it might be right up your alley.  


The zodiac’s king of the jungle likes being admired and enjoys expensive things. Given he’s also generous, cheerful and funny he’ll fit right in to Sydney’s social scene and will thrive off being on display at some of the city’s most popular venues. Book a room at Rendezvous Hotel The Rocks for inner-city glam or Adina Bondi Beachfor eastern suburbs cool.  


Virgo loves healthy food, books and nature, making Perth the perfect destination match. Rooftop yoga, beachside acai bowls, an abundance of cosy book cafes and an island full of friendly marsupials are all waiting to be discovered.  


A rather intellectual sign, Scorpio has an affinity for research and fact finding and loves nothing more than being right. What better place than Canberra to fulfil these desires? The capital’s many museums, memorials and political establishments provide plenty of opportunities for education, increasing Scorpio’s chances of knowing the answer, whatever the question.  


Sagittarius is one of the biggest travellers of the zodiac, thanks to his open-mindedness and philosophical view on life. His love of freedom, wandering and the great outdoors make Christchurch an excellent destination - if he hasn’t been there already. With its vibrant energy and ridiculously breathtaking scenery, the city and surrounds have much to occupy even the most wander-lusting Sagittarius.  


Intelligent and organised with a love of culture and tradition, Capricorns will thoroughly enjoy a sojourn in Auckland. Here on the North Island the Maori culture is firmly celebrated and activities are easily organised into categories, including plenty of opportunities to explore the great outdoors, first-rate shopping and excellent food.   To discover the perfect hotel at any destination, head to TFE Hotels and search by city.

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