It is an exciting time to be at TFE Hotels. We are growing fast, we have got new hotels, new geographies on the horizon, and we are wide open to future possibilities in our existing properties. To support us on this growth journey, our unrivalled ACADEME programs develop our current & future leaders - the doers and go-getters, the resourceful individuals that jump in and make a difference, the person you turn to when the going gets tough and the ones that roll up their sleeves to step in and run the show. The people that are ready to Find More in their TFE career, develop their professional network, grow as individuals and leaders, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable as they learn new concepts and ideas.

Our mantra is to foster leaders who create a vision in which others believe, and then take their people to new heights of performance; leaders who have a powerful ability to inspire, motivate and guide others. In doing so, our ACADEME programs give our best and brightest the support and training they need to make the most of whatever comes their way.  

Central to ACADEME are our two unique programs which tie theoretical leadership development to experiential and situational learning: 


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Future Leaders Program (FLP)

To upskill high performing front line team members to the competency level of or equivalent to a Duty Manager or Supervisor.​​​​​​

People Leaders Program (PLP)

To develop the skills of individuals in leading self and others based on the principles of The Leadership Challenge

Leadership & Talent Development

In addition to the FLP and PLP ACADEME programs TFE also has a number of other leadership development programs and initiatives available to selected Team Members.

ACADEME People Leaders Program - The Journey Thus Far



Marissa Berdnt

Senior Conference and Events Executive (The Calile Hotel)

The opportunity to take part in the March 2022 intake of PLP was an invaluable experience for my overall growth. I had been looking for an extra-curricular challenge to take on alongside my role within TFE, and this program provided me with exactly that. I found the coursework to be a perfect balance of both personal and professional challenges, with the ability to lean on my fellow students (some of which were in Europe…how cool!) as well as the Learning & Development Team for feedback and support where I needed it.

The program structure involves a combination of both written and spoken assessments, providing a great range of real-world scenarios and examples to work through as an individual and as part of a team. I particularly enjoyed being able to track my own improvements through the spoken tasks month on month, as initially I felt to be a nervous public speaker – but PLP has absolutely changed that! Joining the PLP cohort also provided me with exposure to some of our amazing senior leaders within the business, who had incredible insights into the industry as well as contributions to our assignments.

The Learning & Organisational Development team have delivered great coursework that has kept me engaged, improving my skillset as a future manager, and most of all, inspired. I would absolutely recommend the ACADME People Leaders Program to anyone looking to step outside of their comfort zone and take on a new challenge. I am excited to continue my learning journey with TFE and this has been the perfect place to start.

Maksim Bezborodov

Clusters Reservations Manager (ACT)

The People Leadership Program has been a great experience so far. It pushes me to learn more with additional learning materials and inspires to do some exploring on my own after each topic covered in webinars.

The program allows me to track the progress made via feedback from the Learning and Development team, regular catch ups with my manager and self-reflections. Because of this, I can clearly see the progress I have made in the past few months. The program helped me improve my communication skills, better understand my team mates and encourages me to become better with each assessment.

I enjoy the fact that I have been given a lot of growth opportunities already. From driving presentations and meetings to develop my presentation skills, to meeting senior leaders in the company and learning about their experiences. The program provides a set of different tools that I am already implementing daily and that help me be a better leader.


Philipp Wachter

Relief Assistant Manager. This role will look after all EU Hotels / Best Practice / Training / Process Optimization

The ACADEME People Leaders Program was not only a development of my skills but also a mirror / feedback for my work (and feedback is great, especially when it comes from Australia and the EU). 
This year's PLP students were one of the first who had the opportunity to learn alongside our Australian colleagues which was fantastic. The exchange across national borders was not only exciting, it was also instructive to learn more about how processes and optimisations are approached in Australia and how we can make a difference together.

Personally, I found my passion in training through the many videos & self-recordings during the program which led me to my new role looking after all Europe Hotels in Best Practices/ Training/ Process Optimization. 

It's an education and often exhausting, but a great experience with a lot of potential to improve your skills and abilities. Thanks to Hayley, Agnes and the whole ACADEME team for their input - they are always on standby to help with any problems or queries that arise.

All in all, it was an exciting and educational time that definitely helped me grow.  I will do my best to pass on what I have learnt to as many colleagues as possible.

The only way to make our company better is to make our people better!

Jove Micevski

Assistant Hotel Manager (A by Adina Canberra)

The ACADEME People Leaders Program has from the get-go given me the opportunity to not only stretch myself through and through but also position myself at the forefront when interacting with Senior leaders across the business. As a part of this program, I have been able to engage in value-adding and productive discussions during the training sessions and assessments, and have found myself actively applying key learnings/takeaways on the job. The Senior leaders and subject matter experts associated with the program have imparted knowledge and best practices across a variety of topics, each of which have been applicable across any job role within the business. 

Having been almost halfway through the program, I am confident that the remainder of it will provide me with the same level of engagement and challenge as it has thus far.

So, if you are a leader with a passion to learn and develop your career within TFE and beyond, the People Leaders Program is a great starting point for your journey.