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Companies Don't Succeed, People Do.

At TFE Hotels, we truly believe that companies don’t succeed, people do. Our people are the cornerstone of our success and we take great pride in seeing the growth of our people as our organisation continues to grow from strength to strength. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of the TFE Hotels family as we embark on our next phase of growth.

Our pipeline of new hotels, across Australia, New Zealand and Europe continues to grow, providing exciting new locations for our guests, and more importantly, exciting new career opportunities for our Team Members.

At TFE Hotels, we are driven by a single purpose - to make a difference, together. We know that people do their best when they can change the way things are and central to our culture is empowering our people to express themselves in their work and, regardless of their role, truly make a difference to our guests, team members, investors and community. TFE Hotels is an exciting company to be part of and a very special place to work.


Leadership Philosophy

At TFE Hotels we recognise the importance of leadership and have a clear philosophy on what great leaders actually do. Our leadership philosophy is based on Kouzes & Posner’s “5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership.” At TFE Hotels, Our leaders:


In order to mobilise others, our leaders are crystal clear about their values and beliefs. They then hold themselves and those around them, accountable for putting shared values into action.


Our leaders focus on the future and are contagiously enthusiastic about how things can be better than the status quo and they do this in a way that incorporates the hopes and dreams of others.


Our leaders look beyond the horizons and confines of their own experiences and our organisation to innovate. They create environments where our people get a chance to experiment, stretch themselves and challenge established processes.


At TFE Hotels, our leaders realise that they do not achieve success all by themselves. Building trust and relationships within teams is essential. Our leaders are focused on building both the confidence and capability of the people around them.


Our leaders are more than willing to share credit with others and find creative ways to recognise teams and individuals who are making a difference. They demonstrate genuine interest in the success of others.

GO M.A.D - Our Philosophy and Guiding Purpose

Go MAD is a call to action. It empowers our team to live our purpose - to make a difference.

At TFE Hotels, guest satisfaction is not enough. Satisfied guests are not loyal guests. What we want is truly loyal guests – people and organisations who can’t imagine staying with, or doing business with, anyone else. Gone are the days of buying loyalty with rewards and gimmicks - customer loyalty is the result of consistently making people feel something special, something different.


At its core, Go MAD is about being different - we know that memorable experiences are almost always made at the fringes, where people step outside the norm and do something different. At TFE Hotels, we step out of the boring middle ground to surprise and delight our customers with experiences that make them feel different to the way other hotels make them feel.

Go MAD is about unleashing our people to create MADness in every hotel, every day for everyone.

Our People


John Treacy

Runner, traveller, photographer… and iPad courier? As Duty Manager at Vibe Hotel Canberra, John says every day at work is a new surprise

Ever imagined a career where adventure and work go hand in hand? Our Duty Manager John certainly has. He brings his big personality, and even bigger imagination to a job that helps his team love what they do, every day. With an insatiable curiosity for new cultures and experiences, he’s navigated his way from Ireland to Australia – and gained a passport full of stamps along the way.

John loves a challenge, whether he’s running a marathon (just for fun!), or running to the airport to deliver a lost iPad to a guest, he always brings his A-game. At Vibe Hotel Canberra, he never fails to turn up with a smile, and a sense of excitement for a job where no two days are the same. With his dedication, and love for fun, it’s no wonder John shines at TFE hotels.

An eagle-eyed photographer, John never goes far without his trusty camera, capturing the world his way - he’s always looking to Find More just beneath the surface. John’s passion for visiting exotic destinations, (African safari anyone?) and taking his favourite new kayak out for a spin, means the next adventure is always just around the corner.

Of all the places John has been, there will forever be a special place in his heart for Bali. It’s the locals’ sense of community – their humble, inclusive and welcoming way – that reminds him of his own TFE family and inspires John to make sure he always creates a home away from home for his guests.



Ellie Le

What kind of career lets you wear your personality on your sleeve – literally? Meet our Duty Manager Ellie, to find out

Is there ever such a thing as being overdressed? Absolutely not! Get our Duty Manager Ellie talking and she’ll tell you that it’s always better to be prepared, and to look great doing it. Whether she’s putting together a new look, or a care package for a guest going through a hard time, for Ellie more is always more.

Ellie’s journey with TFE hotels has taken her from Melbourne to Sydney – and now Ellie is busy bringing her unique style and unstoppable energy to Travelodge Hobart, every day. She doesn’t stop until her guests are happy – no matter what it takes. Catch Ellie off-duty, and you’ll find her bringing that same fierce determination into the boxing ring. Or getting her glam on at one of the great live music venues in Salamanca - she’ll be the one sipping a fruity cocktail and rocking her signature pink lipstick.

A total foodie - Ellie’s always keen to experience new flavours, no matter where they might take her! From her beginnings with TFE hotels in foodie heaven - Melbourne, to her time soaking up the sun at Adina Apartment Hotel Bondi, Ellie’s always jumped at every opportunity to Find More, and there’s no stopping her.


Marty Sheppard

Meet Marty, Maintenance Manager for Adina Hotel in Brissie… family man, footy fan and force of positivity. Guaranteed to put a smile on your dial

Ready to meet the man who brings the TLC to TFE? As the man who keeps things running behind the scenes, Marty our Maintenance Manager at Adina Apartment Hotel Brisbane takes pride in making sure guests’ experiences are as smooth as possible. With a smile on his face and his tools in hand, he’s always at the ready to pitch in and go the extra mile.

Marty’s average day is anything but. Ask Marty how he is, and he’ll never just tell you he’s ‘fine’. He’s always feeling magnificent or fantastic or superb or incredible! With infectious positivity a plenty, he’s all about taking in every moment – whether that’s a dream trip to New York, or spending quality time with the family at home in Brissie (footy on, music turned up and cooking up a storm on the smoker.)

Get to know Marty and you’ll see he’s the type of guy who loves to make people feel special. He’ll always stop to say hello, and Find More ways to keep the good times coming.


Katie Obst

Meet Katie, traveller, mother, Adina Adelaide Hotel Manager. She knows a thing or two about work life balance!

Need to find a career that is perfect for a restless traveller? Our Hotel Manager Katie will tell you that TFE hotels is a place where travel is part of the fun. Her 8-year journey with TFE hotels has taken Katie from Adelaide to Victoria, to Tassie and back! Working at every Adina hotel across Victoria and Tasmania in her time as a Relief Assistant Hotel Manager – Katie now knows TFE hotels (and most of Australia!) inside and out.

When Katie returned to the ‘City of Churches’ having been promoted to Hotel Manager at the historic Adina Apartment Hotel Adelaide Treasury – the regulars and her team were thrilled to have her back! Wherever Katie goes, she role models her breadth of experience and inspires her growing team to release their ‘inner flamingos’, by bringing fun, flamboyance and a bit of fantastic to everything they do.

Beyond the fast pace of her dream job, Katie still manages to find time to relax with family and friends. Her favourite down time activity? Being a tourist at home! (Maybe that’s why her recommendations for guests are next level). Katie’s favourite Australian destination is Hamilton Island – the hidden beaches, walking trails and insane natural beauty make it the perfect place for her to explore with her adventurous daughter. And when she’s at home? You can catch her kicking back in one of Adelaide’s gorgeous parks with a picnic, a crossword and a nice glass of bubbles.

Our Vision & Future Direction


Our vision is to be become an “Awesome Hospitality Powerhouse” that is globally admired as an innovator in delivering exceptional guest experiences, passionate team work and superior investment returns.

TFE Hotels has a clear strategy for continued growth. We will continue to expand our portfolio in strategic locations throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe through a combination of principle joint venture developments and management contracts. We are also focused on expanding our geographical footprint with plans to enter new geographies.

Team Benefits

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What's in it for me?

Whilst reward and recognition is important, we believe there are three things that truly motivate people at work: autonomy, mastery and purpose.
Whilst we formally reward and recognise teams and individuals who make a difference, this is not what gets our team members out of bed in the morning. Our teams are driven by our purpose to make a difference, are empowered to Go MAD and challenge the process and are constantly challenged to stretch themselves, constantly growing and learning. These are the hallmarks of the TFE Hotels culture, the mark of our success.

Our leaders are focused on encouraging the heart and our reward and recognition programs ensure that your contributions do not go unnoticed. From our monthly hotel-based recognition programs to our annual “Night to Shine” Awards night. We love celebrating the success of our teams and individual team members.

As a TFE Hotels Team Member, you have access to some great Team Member Benefits, some of which are highlighted below:



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