Go Make a Difference.
This is our customer experience philosophy.






Go Make a Difference with TFE Hotels


Our people thrive when they’re empowered to run the show and make a genuine difference and that’s exactly where Go Make a Difference comes in.

It’s a call to action for our talented team of doers to go above and beyond in delivering exceptional guest experiences. From the moment they make a booking with us, right through to when they walk out our doors. It’s why our guests book, repeat book, and love us.

And it doesn’t stop there – our team Make a Difference for each other too!

So what is Go Make a Difference?


The Make a Difference Mindset

We want our team members to make wise choices when interacting with our guests (and each other!). The Make a Difference mindset is all about staying in ‘can do’ mode – feeling confident to be at your best and courageous to step forward to Make a Difference – even under difficult and challenging circumstances.



Ordinary to Extraordinary

Little things have a big impact when it comes to guest experience. We encourage our people to nail the basics and take each of the fundamental attitudes and behaviours that underpin a quality experience and Go Make a Difference with them – take them to a new level and set us apart from others in the biz.




‘Unleash’ is our permission to our people for unfettered creativity and ideas; and our reinforcement that when it comes to guest experience, team members are the boss. Over and above the shared expectations we know hold true for all guests, each guest is unique. With this in mind, we encourage everyone to unleash their talents and create special Moments for each person that crosses our thresholds.



Rising to the challenge

Regardless of how well our people perform, challenges occur, constructive feedback is provided, and guests behave in unpredictable, and even difficult ways. We support and train our team to be the hospitality professionals we know they want to be, and to feel always at the ready to take the unexpected in their stride - and turn it into a positive situation - for both them and our guests!