Your Lord Of The Rings Guide To Wellington

Wanting to explore Middle-earth? Well, have we got the guide for you!  We have tracked down the shooting locations in Wellywood (Wellington) New Zealand, to help you navigate your way around these movie set backdrops and if you close your eyes, you can almost see and hear Frodo and Sam exploring the world outside of the shire.

Mt Victoria

Used to shoot the Hobbits hiding from the ring wraiths just outside of The Shire, Mt Victoria is covered in a forest of trees.  Hike your way up along the track, you will find a sign-post just off the first right turn of your trek. Locals are good at pointing out the exact location of the trees but to get there, take Alexandra Road and find the parking area halfway up the hill. A track on the left goes down into the forest to take you to the first landmark.

Harcourt Park

Gandalf meets with Saruman in the gardens of Isengard is filmed in Harcourt Park. Located north of Upper Hutt on State Highway 2.  Turn left at Brown Owl into Akatarawa Road and you will find Harcourt Park on the left.

Weta Cave and Workshop

Do you know where the props, costumes and special effects were made for the Lord of the Rings trilogy?  We do!  It was right here and guess what?  You can go on a tour of the mini-museum for free, go on a paid tour to hear behind-the-scenes tales of the movie shoots or buy some memorabilia from the gift shop.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Used to depict Pelennor Fields for the final battle scene in the fields surrounding Minas Tirith, the park can be accessed by driving north from Wellington along State Highway 1 to McKay's Crossing.  Take a left towards the coast from the crossing and follow the signs into Queen Elizabeth Park.

Hutt River

Showcasing River Anduin, the Fellowship glided away in boats from Lothlorien. Launching from Poet’s Park you can bike or walk along the river to find this slice of heaven.  Follow State Highway 2  from Lower Hutt, past Haywards Hill turnoff and head north until you reach a small bridge with a sharp turn.  Poet’s Park is on the left.

Putangirua Pinnacles

A must see for even the most Lord of the Rings unaware person, the Pinnacles are weathered pillar soft rock from Dimholt Road where Aragon Legolas and Gimli search for the Army of the Undead.

Accessible via Kahutara Road, off State Highway 53.  At the T-junction, turn right down Lake Ferry Road, and left on Cape Palliser Road.  It will be sign-posted from there.

Dry Creek Quarry

Used for the set of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith, the quarry was transformed to depict the fortifications used in the last battle scene of The Two Towers. The location is Dry Creek Quarry, Haywards Hill Road, a 10-minute drive from Upper or Lower Hutt.

Kaitoke Regional Park

One of the few sign-posted locations with information boards to assist with discovering the locations yourself.  Sporting an Elvin arch, some of the area is unidentifiable as the plants were relocated during filming and replanted afterwards.  Make your way to Kaitoke Regional Park, a 15-minute drive north of Upper Hutt on State Highway 2.

Travelodge Hotel Wellington

Make sure you check out this hotel sitting in the heart of Wellington.  Amidst the major shopping district, showered in cafes and restaurants you are close to everything Wellington has to offer.  With comfortable and spacious accommodation, 24-hour reception and a short walk to most amenities, you will feel at home in this stylish hotel.  Best of all, they can arrange your Lord of the Rings tour for you.

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